Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hello, it's me...

It's March, almost April, 2012. Terrible how fast time has flown. I lost my wonderful job in January. The company was going a different direction...yah right. Anyway, I'm back to crafting. Painting is such a joy for me. I have close to 30 paintings listed on Etsy, and a few dolls. Well, I can tell that I'm going to have to post on our desktop pc. I love my iPad but not sure hw to post photos or anything on my blog....the app is so different. Until then my friends...check out my Etsy Shop...would love your comments on my paintings. Misspootsiesprims. God Bless, Penny

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hi everyone! Long time no see! I went to work full time in January at a job that is just wonderful. Anyway, I'm not making dolls anymore. It's just too much right now, maybe later. I have however been completely absorbed in the use of my iPad. In fact, I'm using it to post for the 1st time on my blog. Hope it loads well. We are having some cooler temps here in Kansas. The mid-70s is just right for me. I can't wait for fall! I pray for Gods blessings for you today, He loves you so much! Lovingly, Penny

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hi Everyone!

Gosh.. I'm so bad at blogging anymore. I'm sorry. Not having the internet at home really limits the time I have to do this.
This is really important though.
I'm shifting almost all my doll listings to Etsy. Ebay and I are just not getting along, and they take almost one third of my profits... so I'm trying Etsy again.
PLEASE, please, please check out my store. If you are one of my wonderful buyers and are checking in here on my Blog... there's a link over there on the right. Just click and you're there.
On Etsy I sell w/ the shipping included in the cost. It ends up saving you $$ and giving me a little bit more in my sooo empty pocket.

Thanks for letting me gripe and taking the time to drop by. I miss all the communication so much! (Facebook, blogging, everything!!)

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas. I'll try to get back on here before then.

Much love in Christ,

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hello Again...

Wow... time sure flies! I've been incredibly busy, but it almost feels like I'm just running in circles. Good thing that God loves us, no matter how down we feel, or how silly we can be.. at least I get that way.

Here's a few dollies I have on eBay.

Destinee Iddie Biddie Raggedy. Her ornie has a darling counted cross stitch that my daughter Chelle made.. of Pumpkins!

Millicent Tall Raggedy Annie. Her ornie says, "Sing Your Praise to the Lord". I just love her!

Ellie June & Crow. Her ornie says, "His Eye is on the Sparrow, and I know He watches Me!"

Adelicia T.T.I.B. (Teenie Tiny Iddie Biddie). She's only 4 1/2" tall. Such a big name for such a tiny dollie.

So happy that you've dropped by. I hope your Fall is wonderful. Here in Kansas, the leaves are turning so fast! The nights are chilly, sometimes cold. The days mostly are sunny and lovely.

God Bless You all!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Well... what do you know???

Believe it or not, I'm actually posting!!! It has been FOREVER since I have, I'm so sorry. I don't have internet at home anymore, so I go to the library and post. This is the 1st time I've had time to.

I've been making Scarecrows, lots and lots of Scarecrows. You can find some now on eBay!

I hate to, but I've gotta to. I miss you all!

God Bless,