Monday, December 14, 2009

Primitive Christmas & Valentine's Day

Hi Everyone! Ready for Christmas yet? I love this time of year.

Have some new dollies that will be listed on eBay starting this evening.

Mattie Sue is a sweetie for every day of the year. She's holding a Christmas Stocking full of fragrant Sweet Annie, Cinnamon Sticks, and Burgundy Pip Berries... but... and here's the cool part... you can display her through Christmas w/ the Stocking, or remove the Stocking and let her shine all year long.

Lisa Marie is a prim charmer whose Ornie says, "I Sing Because I'm Free".

Samantha June is so sweet. She holds a Burgundy Heart Ornie & her Card Ornie says, "Love Is Kind"... BONUS Ornie!

Now Cupid Cat is ornery. She wanted to be Cupid... and just drove me crazy asking about it... so I gave in. She is really cute, Red dress, Quiver & little Red Heart tipped Arrows, real feather Wings, Heart Ornie, yep... cute!

God Bless you all... have a wonderful week!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's Sunday

Hi Everyone! In my last post I stated that the weather forecast called for lots of snow, I believe I said... "...dumptruck of snow...", or something to that effect..LOL.

Well... the forecast was wrong. We received maybe an inch. Pretty, but drive-able.

Right now we're watching "White Christmas"... ahhh.. the memories. The Christmas Tree is sparkling, laden down with over three decades worth of Ornaments. The grandkids are drinking Hot Chocolate and watching "Independence Day" on a different t.v. Isn't that funny? They like the traditional Christmas movie just fine, but prefer something 'newer'. I tell them they are just lucky that the 'traditional' movie is in color!

I'm going to be posting several dolls tomorrow, they're ready! I just have to take the photos, size & embellish the photos, load them into Photobucket, load the templates w/ the photos and make the editing changes, then finally actually list the dolls. That's all...

Have a wonderful evening.
God Bless you all,

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Tuesday... and Snowy

Welcome to Kansas.

Blustery wind, light snow now, dumptruck full of snow later... or at least that's what the Weather forecast says.
~Oh... the weather outside is frightful.. ~
that says it all.
Cute little Christmas Graphic... German I think.

says we should 'Simplify'.. have to agree w/ her. She is still $7.77 right now. Hope she sells for more.

Jen Marie is so cute in person. I made her pinafore from that Quilt Top like fabric I love so much. Her 'eyes' are a bit different than what I usually make. It made me laugh when I saw her face finished... that usually means they're cute.

Randy's Mrs. Claus is back on eBay as a relist. She will debut tonight (a.k.a., her listing will begin tonight). She is really nice in person too. I wish I could take better photos so everyone could see how beautiful she is.

Everyone have a lovely and SAFE day!
God Bless,

Friday, December 4, 2009

Pretty Christmas Graphic

Another Christmas Graphic for you!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Newest Dolls

Sweet Christmas Graphic for your viewing or snagging pleasure!

Some little ladies that will start their time on eBay on Thursday evening.

This little doll is such a gigantic departure from my usual dolls... well, at least it seems that way to me..LOL. She absolutely cracked me up! What do you all think?
Also.. the fabric I used for her pinafore I found at Hancocks Fabrics on sale.. it's like different homespun plaids already quilted like a quilt top. I love it!

God Bless You All!

Guess what??? I WON!!!

This is Mr. Chill Snowman. He is so adorable and he is SO MINE! LOL

Brenda at The Rusty Thimble had a giveaway with him as the prize, and I WON!! I'm so excited. He will have a place of honor in our Christmas Decor and after.

Thank you Brenda! Oh... and she is still having giveaways. There's one going on right now, and she does one every month... so pop over to see her Blog and sign up.

God Bless,