Thursday, June 19, 2008

Iddie Biddies Always Have Something To Say!

Hello! Hope the world is treating you well today. It's been stormy here in Kansas again today. We've had our share of severe weather this year, but nothing so bad as what some other areas of our country are experiencing. Floods, Tornadoes... it's frightening.

God is our fortress in the storm. We can cling to His strength.

I've started a new line of dolls that I'm calling "Iddie Biddies". They're tiny, 8 to 9 inches tall. Every one has a little Card Ornie that says something. Here's a few examples of the sayings, or scriptures they hold.

-"Because I said so, that's why!"
-"Trust in the Lord With All Your Heart"
-"You will always be my baby."
-"I Love You So Much"

They're really fun. I've sold one to a lovely customer of mine named Celeste. She's the one who asked me if I would consider making a tiny doll. Her request just got my creative impulses moving!

Aren't they sweet? I'm listing two of them Sunday, and more to come.

Hope you all have gentle, sweet dreams!


Monday, June 16, 2008

Another Giveaway!!!

You all like aprons? I love them. Especially the aprons that my friend Naomi makes. She is having a giveaway for one of her wonderful, prim aprons on her blog. Here's the link if you want to check it out.
Go by and check out her blog... oh, and all her other sites. It's amazing what that girl can do! God bless you Naomi!
One day some of us prim crafters were talking. We were talking about aprons (I know, that's so hard to and at some point in the drifting 'conversations' we started talking about fighting off depression, or just feeling down. It made me think of the scripture, "Put on the garment of PRAISE for the spirit of heaviness...". Then we all decided that we could put on our APRONS of PRAISE for the spirit of heaviness. Aprons of praise. Amazing how God gives us the answers to anything that bothers or ails us in His word. Praise His Holy Name!
Have a lovely Monday!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Don't you just LOVE giveaways???

Hey, thought I'd share this with you all. I have entered a FANTASTIC giveaway on a beautiful blog called 'Parker's Paradise'. She is giving away three very prim bronze barn stars (photo above). Really nice! All you have to do is leave a comment on her blog post and you're entered. Or... you can put a link to her blog giveaway on your blog, and you're entered TWICE! Go by and say hi and enter to win the stars.
Here's the link to her blog:

Thursday, June 5, 2008

What An Honor!!!

Do you all know about The Olde Prarie Register?

It is just the most amazing online primitives magazine produced by a lovely lady named Michele. She has honored me with asking me to be the Featured Artist in the June/July Double Issue!

It was so much fun to do, Michele made it easy. If you'd like to check it out, here's the link:

Don't just stop with the Featured Artist article, read on my friends. It's a treat for the primitive senses, believe me. Thank you Michele for this wonderful opportunity.

Have a couple of new babies listed on eBay. If you want to see any of the listings, just click on my banner over there... you can see everything I have listed.

This is Bunny Foo Foo


And this is Dorothy Americana Bunny


And... I tried my hand at a Patriotic, "Liberty Sam" Make-Do


Thank you all for looking. God bless you one and all.

Oh.... if you happen to be reading this post tomorrow (Thursday, June 5) morning, and if you're a praying person.... PLEASE PRAY FOR MY FRIEND? I won't post her name here, just for privacy purposes, but she's having a test tomorrow and needs all our prayers. Also, my daughter Michelle is having a test tomorrow morning... please pray?

Thanks.. have a lovely tomorrow!