Friday, October 24, 2008

Prim Dolls GALORE!!

I am having so much fun creating new dollies & critters.

All kinds of Cats and Sweet lil' girls have just poured out of my imagination this week.

I think I've got something like 20 dolls listed on eBay right now, and 22 in a local shop, and 20 in a Prim shop in Vermont. Whew!!! Click on the cute lil' pic to the left to see all the dolls I have listed. Oh yeah... Randy has a Snowgirl listed too.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Such a SWEET Lady!

You know... every now and then someone commits a random act of kindness and it just MAKES YOUR DAY! Well, two days ago my day was made by a lovely customer of mine named Julie.
She bought a set of two dolls and a Scottie from me not long ago. Bless her heart...she took photos of them and sent them to me! Isn't that just the SWEETEST thing?
She gave them a place of honor in her home too... on a chair that had belonged to her Dad when he was a child. Well... here's what she said.
I just simply love this set of dolls!!! They happen to match so very well with the antique chair and chair pad that was my Father's when he was a child in the 1940's....The dresses on your dolls and the fabric on the chair pad are so similar in color....Wow! These are so super cute! Thank you for the little potpourri bad too! My entire house smells so good!! I will treasure these! So unique for my collection of prim items!! Julie
I'll tell ya... she made me so happy. I just had to share with you all.
Oh.. another PRAISE THE LORD! My dolls and my Hubby's dolls are going to be in a local shop for sale now! I'm so excited about it! We have to have 30 of them made to deliver by next Tuesday. Needless to say, I'm suuuuuuper busy, but I just had to share that. I'll tell you more about it after Tuesday.
Thanks for joining me today.
God Bless You All,

Sunday, October 5, 2008

What my Sweet Hubby Has Been Up To!

Believe it or not, he is MAKING DOLLS! The man is amazing. He has sold quite a few through eBay and has made many more. He started by helping me to complete preliminary work on dolls, then just learned the rest.
Aigar the Elf is already sold. Clem and his friend Cleo are sold too.
Both Cats, & the Prarie Doll sold too!!! He still has the Father Christmas, and he is almost finished with the most adorable set of Snowpeople you've ever seen. I'm just so proud!
Thanks for looking at all his creations. Blessings!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm a LOUSY blogger!!!

Yes... it's true. I must face this about myself. I'm TERRIBLE at blogging. Actually, maybe I'm just BUSY!
Production has tripled at Miss Pootsie's Primitives! That's good, but it certainly cuts in to my blogging time and other fun things.
Lately I've been working on an order of dolls for a wonderful little Prim Shop that's just opened in Vermont. I'm so proud. I'll be posting more about it soon if you're interested.
Here's a new little dollie I named Mamie. She has a round head, separate, stitched on eyelids, painted eyes, and a friend Crow named Gemma. She's on eBay right now and the auction ends tonight.

Well, I must go for now. So much to do, so little time.


God Bless You All!!!