Monday, November 30, 2009

It's almost December!

Hello! It's late here in Kansas... let's see, oh.. around 12:35 am. Maybe it's early here... I don't know. Still up working.
I pray that everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving. The weather was lovely here, family were all here, and food was plentiful. Praise God!
Kim (of Prims by Kim) commented on my last post about how trimming the Tree is the least of her worries. She says that it's keeping her cat & kiddo away from it will be the real trick. Reminds me of a story...LOL.

When we were young parents of three growing daughters we had a live tree for Christmas. We also had a cat.. a crazy, goofy, thought-he-was-a-spy-kitty, cat. He would sneak around on the prowl for some unsuspecting leg to stroll by and he would 'attack'. He didn't hurt anyone, just startled us mostly.
I was trying one morning to get everyone ready for work & day care. 'Chaos in the country' best describes the scene. Finally we are nearing departure when we hear that spy kitty come galloping across the room, hopped up on a chair and did an amazing feat of jumping smack dab into the middle of the poor Christmas Tree. He looked like a flying squirrel with his front and back legs all splayed out.
My three girls & I were literally at the door and turned to witness this. The cat, the tree, the ornaments, etc. went over, rolled off the table it was on, and flipped in the air. Everything crashed to the floor. The cat screeched and ran off.
I just shuffled my girls out the door and left the mess.
I don't recall that cat ever attempting to attack a Christmas Tree again.

For your viewing pleasure..

This is Lizzy Jo. Her listing will start tomorrow night (Mon.). She is one of my Iddie Biddie Dolls. Her Goose Gretchen is her feathered friend.

Megan is a sweetie with the cutest dress. I found some fabric that is actually quilted homespun plaids, very old looking. She's holding a Candy Cane that can easily be removed following Christmas. She would look prim and cute all year round.

Mrs. Claus is an elegant lady. Randy did such a beautiful job w/ this doll. The detail is amazing. He's a great sculptor.

Little Elmira June has a Crow tucked under her arm. They are 'buds'.

Nelda Sue will begin her stay at eBay on Tuesday evening. Another doll that you can display during the Winter Holidays, then remove the Christmas Tree & Cardinal and she's a prim darling. Her Ornie says, "Let the Church Arise".

Thanks so much for dropping by. Come back soon! We will miss you.

God Bless,

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