Monday, January 19, 2009

Black Swan

Hello everyone and Happy Monday. Martin Luther King Jr's day. The grandgirls were out of school today and of course driving me and their Poppie NUTS! Bless their hearts, they're going back to school tomorrow. (Can you see me doing the happy dance?)
Randy's newest creation is so beautiful... a Black Swan & Gnome. I didn't even know that there really were black swans, but lo and behold... I found them online. He's already working on another white one, which I'm sure will be gorgeous.

Here's a few of my babies... you can see all of them if you click the eBay link over there on the left.

This is Suzanna & Mother Goose. The fabric I made her dress out of is just amazing. It's a Mother Goose, Nursery Rhymes print.... so sweet.

Bree Bunny has a really grubby dress & an apron made of Red Ticking with little white heart buttons. I love her little Bunny teeth!

This is Avery & Reese TTIB Kittie (TTIB = Teenie Tiny Iddie Biddie). Those tiny kitties always get attention.

We're supposed to have more snow tonight, which does NOT thrill me. Thank God for our garage!
Hope everyone has a wonderful evening and tomorrow.



WoolenSails said...

Your new babies are wonderful. I love dolls that make me smile and yours truly do.


Penny @ Miss Pootsie's Primitives said...

Thanks so much Debbie! You're very sweet to take the time to comment. Blessings, Penny