Friday, October 2, 2009

More Encouragement

I just have to share with you all the LOVE OF GOD. I am no one... I am everyone... I'm just a person, like you. Who am I that God would love me so much that every day He finds a way to bring me encouragement... But He does.

I shared a message from George in my last post... Well, guess what? I received a wonderful, and uplifting message from someone else.

A beautiful lady named Connie sent me the following:

I love your cat and every doll I have found on etsy/ebay. God has blessed you with such a wonderful talent. I am still reading/looking at everything.
I bought your dream frog the other day for my 46yr old DD who loves frogs.
After reading your blog earlier I wanted to write you and let you know this day too shall pass.
I used to work in OT/PT/Hand surgeon and I am so sorry to hear about your complications. I am not a nurse but know how frustrating surgery can be. Sometimes it goes smoothly; other times it doesn't. I, too, love the Lord and I am sure He has even greater plans for you. I will definitely put you on my prayer list that your hand heals quickly and that your sweet spirit once again will be sewing up a storm. Each item I have looked at brings such a smile and joy to my heart. You are truly Blessed to be able to share such talent with the rest of us.

Isn't that sweet? When you're going through hard times, the trials of this life, one thing ALWAYS remains constant... GOD! He will never change, He will never forsake you, He will always hold you tight and comfort you... and he Has held me. Praise His Holy Name!


Prim's by Kim said...

Thanks for sharing =)

WoolenSails said...

I know how hard it is to have hand problems when we create. I always have pain from old injuries and arthritis, but the joy I have in creating keeps me going.

I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel years ago and it got worse after a year, and I ended up going to a new doctor. This one said I did not have carpal, it was overuse from all my crafting. So when it bothers me, I switch to different projects or rest them when I can. He also recommended wearing the arm brace with the metal in them, at night. That really seemed to help the most.

I hope you can find relief soon, your gift touches so many people.


Dani said...

I really am hoping and praying for your far, mine are mother had arthritis in her hands but I am hoping and trusting God will keep mine healthy..yours too!