Thursday, January 31, 2008

FREE Primitive Stitchery Pattern

Hello & Pleasant Thursday to you all! Today it's COLD and there's SNOW coming... AGAIN.

I'm just beginning to make (but will eventually sell!) Primitive/Folk Art Stitchery Patterns. They are based on the dolls and paintings I have sold in the past. Every one of them has a scripture. I thought it might be nice to SHARE one of them with the Prim Community.

Above you will see a "pic" of the stitchery pattern. Feel free to "snag" it and make it any size you'd like. I believe all you have to do is right click, and save to your computer.

If you do decide to make a stitchery from my pattern, I WOULD LOVE IT IF YOU WOULD SHARE IT WITH ME. Just post a comment to that effect, I will email you, and when you respond you could send a photo of what you made as an attachment. I would gladly display it on my blog!!! I might even use your photo when I start selling them, to show in the listing as an "example".

God Bless you all today and Come back soon!!!

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Anne Marie said...

Hi, Penny. LOVE YOUR WORK! It's astoundingly beautiful. I run a community website where artists with a love for all things prim gather and sell their wares. Hope you'll join us... Would love to have you!!!

Anne Marie