Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Gosh, I hadn't realized how long it had been since I last posted. SHAME ON ME!!

I guess that I forget... well, at least that's PART of my excuse. I think for some people (like me) that blogging has to be practiced...and almost made to be a habit of sorts. I haven't gotten there yet... I'm soooo busy crafting.

Ok.. back to the Blog Tag thingie. Linda*Pinda... you're ORNERY... you know that don't you??? (I'm smiling!)

Ok... Five things??? Hmmmmm.....

1. I am a hopeless chocolate addict... yes, a complete CHOCOHOLIC!!! God help me!!! OH.. AND MISS LINDA PINDA.... I haven't worn a SIZE 8 SINCE I WAS 8!!!! LOL. I'm a big, ole Grammy!

2. I still watch old videos on You Tube of Kansas... the band. I have been following them and their careers since I was 19 years old. Uhh... let's see... that's uhhh... 54 minus19 = 35. For 35 years I've followed them and enjoyed their music. I LOVE contemporary Christian music, but more often than not I'll grab a quick video and thoroughly enjoy it! You know they say that old Hippies never die... heehee.

3. I have decided (if I don't chicken out) that I am going back to my original hair color... which is GRAY... with a lot of white! LOL. I'm tired of fighting it. I'm going to let it grow too. I want to be in my 60's (eventually) with very long gray/silver/white hair that I would braid and wear up in a victorian bun style. LOVE IT! My maternal grandmother went completely WHITE headed at the age of 40! and they told me it was in a matter of months! That would be COOL!

4. Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to have a BOY. I had three daughters and have two grandaughters. I thought about it the other day and it's almost like a curious longing for what I "didn't have". I don't have a SON and never will. It just seems strange. The meanderings of an aging mind...hehe.

5. Ok.. this should have been on the very first line... I HAVE HAD times of revelation or epiphany (sp?) in my life about God. During those times of awakening and cleansing for me I re-realize that Jesus DIED FOR ME... to pay for MY sins. He left His Royalty, his incredible home in Glory... FOR ME. It absolutely (to coin an old hippie phrase...) "blows my mind". If I had been the ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD, Jesus still would have died for me. It is so awe inspiring, so absolutely beyond my adequacy with words. And to think that EVERY single one of us can ALL say that. HE is a personal God. He is our friend...He calls us friend. How amazing is that?

I hope I've written enough for right now. I promise to try to do more.

God is Good, All The Time!!!


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*Linda Pinda* said...

Oh, Penny...
Thank you for having fun with the "tag" and for sharing such wonderful things!!! We share that chocoholic thing!!! And for the moment, I'm still hiding the grey. With one in kindergarten and one who's only 2, I don't want everyone thinkin' I'm their grandmother!!! So... for now, Loreal "warm maple brown" for me... LOL!

Love you sweet lady :~)
Hugs... *Linda*