Thursday, November 20, 2008

Don't you just LOVE this painting?

For as long as I can remember, I have loved this painting. I know that Jesus probably didn't really look like that, but there's just a comfort that I feel when I see that portrait. Do you ever wonder what He looked like? I can't wait to see Him!
I think about my sweet Daddy. I miss him, and we will all miss him again at Thanksgiving and Christmas... but then I remind myself... Daddy's spending the holidays with Jesus!
Please say a prayer for my dear friend Cora. She needs our prayers. She is in the midst of a storm, a physical, emotional, and spiritual storm. God knows what she needs, who she is, etc. Just please, if you're a praying person.. pray for Cora?
Hope you're all well, and safe, and happy, and blessed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Penny, Just letting you know that I have nominated you for an 'Uber Amazing Award'. If you have time I would love for you to respond. Kind Regards Treann

Deb said...


My prayers go out to Cora and for you as well missing your father over the holidays!


Penny @ Miss Pootsie's Primitives said...

Thanks so much Treann. I'll try to jump over to your blog tonight. Blessings, Penny

Penny @ Miss Pootsie's Primitives said...

Deb.. that's so sweet. I truly feel for Cora. She will appreciate your prayers, and so do I! Blessings, Penny