Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween Ghouls

I thought I'd share a photo of my Granddaughters Randi & Jordan in their Halloween Costumes.

Randi's nickname is "Tink". She's a little tiny thing, always has been and "Tink" was the perfect nickname for her. She HATES IT! She said, " I will NOT be Tinkerbell this year for Halloween. I was Tinkerbell for THREE YEARS and I won't do it again!".... LOL.... and all this with her hand on her hip and her little 'attitude' sway of the head. She's a little Goth girl. She loves anything scary, gory, and gruesome. So... at the ripe old age of 9, she was a Zombie!

Jordan just wanted something fun. At first we were going to use a clear plastic dropcloth and put holes in it for her legs to go through. Then you blow up lots of purple balloons and bring the dropcloth up, gathering it to look like a 'bag'. Bag of purple grapes! Wouldn't that have been cute??? Oh, but NO.... she had to be gruesome too. So Grammy (that's me...LOL) had to dig out some black satin I had stuffed away and make her a Corpse Bride costume. We had purple and black tulle for the veil. Absolutely gory and gross!

They had a ball though...I guess that's the main thing. No matter how much Grammy wants them to stay little, pink, sweet princesses... things change.

Have a lovely!!!

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