Tuesday, September 1, 2009

All on eBay right now!

This Harvest Pumpkin Door Greeter is only $2.77!

Molly Sue is a sweetie with a real, honest to goodness chalkboard!

Mirielle & Melissa Cats are ready to swim or enjoy the sun.. so cute!

Constance Dugood is a poor soul who is trapped, not only on earth, but in her tombstone. The poem on the gravestone is one that I saw on a real gravestone when I was a teen. It was an OLD cemetary out in the middle of nowhere!

This kindly Santa has sweet, soulful eyes and his pal Dasher!

Thanks for checking out my newest babies... have a WONDERFUL week!


1 comment:

WoolenSails said...

That bikini just cracks me up, lol.
Now that I get ready to sew, my machine goes bonkers, figures. I got patterns and time for me to get going on early christmas gifts.