Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Tuesday... and Snowy

Welcome to Kansas.

Blustery wind, light snow now, dumptruck full of snow later... or at least that's what the Weather forecast says.
~Oh... the weather outside is frightful.. ~
that says it all.
Cute little Christmas Graphic... German I think.

says we should 'Simplify'.. have to agree w/ her. She is still $7.77 right now. Hope she sells for more.

Jen Marie is so cute in person. I made her pinafore from that Quilt Top like fabric I love so much. Her 'eyes' are a bit different than what I usually make. It made me laugh when I saw her face finished... that usually means they're cute.

Randy's Mrs. Claus is back on eBay as a relist. She will debut tonight (a.k.a., her listing will begin tonight). She is really nice in person too. I wish I could take better photos so everyone could see how beautiful she is.

Everyone have a lovely and SAFE day!
God Bless,

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