Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's Sunday

Hi Everyone! In my last post I stated that the weather forecast called for lots of snow, I believe I said... "...dumptruck of snow...", or something to that effect..LOL.

Well... the forecast was wrong. We received maybe an inch. Pretty, but drive-able.

Right now we're watching "White Christmas"... ahhh.. the memories. The Christmas Tree is sparkling, laden down with over three decades worth of Ornaments. The grandkids are drinking Hot Chocolate and watching "Independence Day" on a different t.v. Isn't that funny? They like the traditional Christmas movie just fine, but prefer something 'newer'. I tell them they are just lucky that the 'traditional' movie is in color!

I'm going to be posting several dolls tomorrow, they're ready! I just have to take the photos, size & embellish the photos, load them into Photobucket, load the templates w/ the photos and make the editing changes, then finally actually list the dolls. That's all...

Have a wonderful evening.
God Bless you all,

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