Thursday, April 10, 2008


Good Morning. It's rainy again here in Kansas. We're expecting some strong storms today, so we'll batten down the hatches with PRAISE, reinforce the timbers with FAITH, and ride the storm out with JESUS!

Anybody remember these guys? I made them last year, fell in love with them, decided to sell them, listed them... and they never sold. Of course I was asking a fair price, because there was just way too much work in them to let them go for a small price.

Here's the thing... (<----that's a phrase that my 9yr old grandaughter Randi uses continuously!) I was thinking about listing them again, or maybe it would be better to place them for sale on Etsy or somewhere else. I was also toying w/ the idea of removing the watches and re-naming them to something besides 'The Timekeepers'. That photo is one I took before I had completely finished them. On the base are the pieces of what ended up being kind of a little 'museum plaque' that has their name on it.

HELP ME FIGURE OUT WHAT ELSE TO DO W/ THEM, ok? I welcome all suggestions! Their clothing has some elements of winter or Christmas, but they wouldn't have to be confined to that.

Everyone have a lovely day and help me w/ some suggestions!

Blessings to you from our Lord and Savior!


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I have something on my blog for ya :)