Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fun Game...

Jo at Cart Before the Horse had the most intriguing thing posted... a Show & Tell game. Here's how it goes...

OK, here's the game-
In your picture files, go to the 4th album, then go to the 4th picture. Show & tell. Then go down 4 more albums, go to the 4th picture, and show & tell. Do this 4 times (if you can) to get a total of 4 pictures.
Ready, get set, go!

This was a photo from a blog tutorial I did on paper clay sculpting. He's sooo ugly!

This one is a gorgeous portrait. I was researching Jane Austin era dresses.

Finally, this is just a hilarious old photo. I ran across it one day and just saved it.. not sure why. Just so I could have something to make me giggle.

Last but not least... a Business Card design I did, ended up using it for my Doll Tags.

Now it's your turn!


WoolenSails said...

That takes too much thinking on my part, lol.
I was so tempted to grab the June itty bitty bride, but have to watch the budget. Now you have more to tempt me;) I love the july outfit.


Penny @ Miss Pootsie's Primitives said...

Thanks Debbie... LOL about the 'too much thinking..'.

Marguerite Cat (Miss July!) sold within 30 minutes of the listing start. LOVE IT!!!

Have a great day Debbie!