Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kansas Weather!

Okay.. ENOUGH ALREADY!!! It is's supposed to be Summer...dry, hot, etc. But NOOOO... not here in Kansas. This is what we've been experiencing.

Yesterday was such a mess! We had 4 1/2 inches of rain in just a couple of hours. Tons of lightning, wind, and hail. Luckily (PTL) the tornadoes stayed away.

The hail we had was brief and not nearly as large as in this photo, but it's still scary. I was at the grocery store when it hit. The building has a metal roof and believe you me, it was LOUD. We ended up with pea size, marble size, and some quarter size. Yep, dents in the car!

After the storm was OVER, we were beginning to relax, and BOOM.. we have a lightning strike in our back yard! It struck a power pole and mercy... you know the 'arcing' sound when a transformer is hit??? Well, it did that 3 times. A big greenish ball of what I guess was energy pulsed at the top of the pole, then huge sprays of sparks flew in all directions. Scared us to bits!
We called 911, the fire dept. came and looked at it. They just said that they would report it to the elec. company.
Then... later we see a police car pull up out front. We go look out back and there's a fire going in the tree whose branches were touching the lines going to the pole that was struck. The fire dept. were back. They said it would just burn itself out and they would (again) report it to the elec. company. A big limb finally burnt through and it dropped on our side of the fence. Everything was so wet from all the rain that it went out.
God was watching over us, He REIGNS!

How's your weather lately?



Dani said...

Our weather here in California is weird too...very cool and overcast...rain and some hail this last weekend with more predicted today and tomorrow...its supposed to be warm and sunny here in much for global warming....we still have the warm comforter on the bed from winter.....

Anonymous said...

Gotta love spring and summer in the plains. If you dont like the weather just wait a few minutes it will change. lol

Colleen said...

Oh my goodness!! Thank God He is watching out for you!! How frightening! We had hail like that when we lived in south Texas (not to mention hurricanes!) and everyone drove around with dented cars. You could buy a new car off the lot for practically nothing because of all the hail damage.

The weather here in western PA has been dry and in the 70's. It finally rained today and we really needed it.

WoolenSails said...

That is scary weather. I guess I can't complain about a bit of rain. At least our yard is turning thick and lush.