Saturday, June 6, 2009

More Sweet Dollies!

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a LOVELY weekend!

Wanted to share with all of you because if I don't these little innocent looking girls will pester me. They might look like sweet primitive dolls, but they're really a menagerie of ornery-ness (Is that a word?).

The cats and the bunny talk behind each other's backs, and the three little prim girls tell me that they, "... just wanna have fun." They are all listed on eBay this week. Click on their names to see the listing.

This is Prudence & her Crow. (If you ask me I think the Crow is really the ringleader).

Here is Kathleen Iddie Biddie Kittie. She does not ever shed but loves to take long soaking baths.

Pootsie and Lil Anne are inseparable (not really, she's just holding her...). I think she looks so old, but actually they have just had a rough life in the arms of an adoring child. Darling Hubby Randy made them. I really love them.

Lola Iddie Biddie Kittie just LOVES to gossip. Her favorite time of year is Fall, she even has a little pumpkin 'bag' she carries.

This is Bernice Raggedy. She loves the Lord Jesus and likes to tell everyone she meets. She doesn't ever say anything bad about anyone.

Destiney Bunny is a sweetheart, but she loves to tease and play practical jokes, the little stinker!

I hope you all enjoyed meeting them. Now maybe they will settle down and stop complaining that I don't talk about them.

God Bless you all,


WoolenSails said...

You have been busy, lots of great new creations.
I need to slow down start having fun creating all the neat patterns and things I keep wanting to make.


Anonymous said...

So cute, I love the lil bunny. I think your right, the crow is the ringleader, it's always the one you least expect. lol